I just can’t tell you how good I feel.  I can get in and out of a car and I don’t hurt when I get up from sitting. I am just so amazed as I feel so good.  I don’t walk with a limp or anything as my back no longer hurts.  I am just so appreciative.  Thank you!

Mary Ann

I just started going to Juniper Physical Therapy. I have had 2 sessions with Liz. I have made more progress in 2 visits with her (and learned more about my body’s mechanics) than the entire last 5 months of seeing a Podiatrist and the PT therapy he prescribed.

Michele Juza

“Thankfully, I was referred to Liz by both of my orthopedic surgeons. She managed my physical therapy after bilateral hip arthroscopy, as well as after right and left hip replacements. Liz provided me with the tools, encouragement, and heartfelt support to regain my mobility. As a practitioner, Liz continues to be uniquely present in helping me restore a life I enjoy.”

“I see Liz Wergin, PT because she is so dedicated to helping people rebuild vibrant, healthy lives. She strives to understand your health goals so she can provide personalized physical therapy. I like that she is willing to communicate with my other healthcare providers so we consistently get positive results. Liz often feels like a personal coach, teacher or guide on my journey to improving not only my physical health, but also my overall physical, mental, and emotional well being. “

Dr. Quilici

Had an extraordinary experience at Juniper Physical Therapy this afternoon. I highly recommend visiting Liz for anything physical therapy related. Her explanation of your symptoms/treatment, her overall thoroughness, and her compassion for your general well-being are second to none. She is totally affordable and worth every penny! Go see her!

Larry Thomas


I went to see Elizabeth Wergin at Juniper Physical Therapy for chronic back pain which I had for the past year. I had not seen my regular doctor for this pain and thankfully I didn’t need to since a referral wasn’t necessary! At my very first appointment Liz was able to address my lower back pain through the use of Dry Needling, the pain was literally gone after the first treatment. She taught me about the importance of stretching and provided so much information about exercises to strengthen and stretch my quads to help me improve my range of motion and flexibility. Liz suggested the use of a foam roller, I always knew about them but I wasn’t sure they really did anything. I now incorporate the foam roller into my routine at least a couple of times per week. Liz is so knowledgeable and shares whatever information she can to help resolve issues. Lastly, Liz has a very calming approach and makes you feel at ease from the very first visit, you will not be disappointed!

Lisa Schermetzler

I recently saw Elizabeth for some shoulder issues. Her knowledge of the body and testing the body were fantastic! By applying some Dry Needling and Soft Tissue Manipulation, after 1 visit I was able to experience increased range of motion and decrease in muscular pain! I would highly recommend her and her expertise!

Theresa Falvey

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