I love to create.

Yes, I have a science-y brain and tend to think in analytical boxes.

I also have an artsy part of me that loves to make things. 

These freebies are my way of using both parts of my mind to provide valuable information to help you.

Simply download any or all of them.

If you have any questions, need further help or don’t see what you need, please reach out to me.

I’m happy to chat with you and am open to suggestions on what I should create next.


[Do you have back pain?]

Enjoy your copy of this FREE curated self body care e-magazine.  this volume includes “7 secrets to healing your back pain”, an excerpt on drinking kale & a homemade deodorant recipe.  I know you will just love it and find it very valuable.  Get yours now!

[Got Tight Hips?]

We are all about a little Self Love at Juniper!  Download this complimentary e-book on how to care for your hips yourself.

[Would you like to get to know your REAL Core?]

This booklet gives you the inside scoop on what your core actually is, why it is so important and how to properly care for it.  You will learn how to activate (& release) specific muscles in coordination with your breath.  If your body hurts, feels tight or off balance, then you likely NEED this!

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