• A discovery visit is a 20’ free in person consultation
  • An opportunity for me to listen to your story and do a quick screen to determine if I think I can help you


  • I do things a little different here at Juniper PT so it is a nice way for you to see me and my clinic and determine if I’m a good fit for you
  • I understand that the medical world can be confusing and when people experience pain or symptoms, they are often not sure who to go to first
  • I know that physical therapy is one of the best places to start for many musculoskeletal conditions
  • I also know that many people aren’t really sure what physical therapy is
  • Enables me to be fully transparent with what your total health investment will be day 1 with no surprises
  • Perfect place to start when you have pain.  I can triage and guide you in the right direction.  As a Doctor of PT, I am trained to recognize when your symptoms are beyond my scope of practice. I will guide you to the appropriate health care provider as needed.


Would you like a FREE Discovery Visit?

Let me help you know if physical therapy is truly what you need.  No need to continue trying to self treat or rely on Dr. Google.  I am happy to make this easier for you and help figure out what you’ve got going on and who or where is the best place for you to get care.  It’s simple. No obligation. AND, it’s FREE.  You’ve got nothing to lose!