Here is a brief list of FAQ’s.  Please feel free to contact us if your question is not answered below.

What should I do prior to my first visit?

Please complete online forms that were sent to you via email.  If you need to complete in clinic, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.  Check your email for location directions.

What should I bring to my 1st visit?

Please bring a pair of shorts, tank top and/or sports bra (if you are female) and the footwear you wear for your activity (if applicable).

How many visits of physical therapy will I need?

Upon completion of your evaluation, Elizabeth or Stacey will make a recommendation for your total plan of care. This will vary from person to person depending on your unique situation and your goals.  Your treatment plan will be divided into phases including:

1.  Reduce:  Focus in a on pain reduction and improved mobility.  Home program includes pain reduction strategies & self mobility work.

2. Restore:  Focus is on restoring underlying cause of pain, correcting your movement & improving your stability & strength.  Home program includes self mobility and corrective stability exercises.

3. Resilient:  Focus is on long term resiliency to ensure your initial symptoms do not return.  Home program is progressed as needed.  Sessions are generally reduced to 1x/month.  Optional Wellness Membership is offered.

Typically, clients are seen for 5-8 sessions for optimal results.  This is dependent upon the number of body parts involved, duration of pain/symptoms, your goals and dedication from you!

Can I do anything on my own to get better faster?

Yes!  We encourage that!  It is our mission at Juniper Physical Therapy, LLC to educate you on how to best care for your body.  We will provide instructions for self care and a prescriptive home program for you. We will encourage you to “treat yourself” between sessions.  Our ultimate goal is to empower you to recognize how you can prevent injury and take care of yourself independently.  We LOVE taking care of you but feel real satisfaction when we know we have taught YOU how to be your healthiest self!

What is the initial evaluation like?

Your initial evaluation will include a listening session to capture your story and symptoms, a physical examination to determine your physical therapy diagnosis, a discussion of your personal goals and development of a treatment plan.  The remainder of the hour will be spent on treatment.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

No.  Elizabeth and Stacey both have a doctorate degree in physical therapy which enables them to evaluate and treat you without an order from another qualified medical provider. They are trained to recognize “red flag” symptoms which would be out of their realm of care. If any of these arise, they would be able to make a referral to the most appropriate provider.

If you were referred by your MD, Elizabeth or Stacey will be happy to communicate with him/her.  We can work together to find a solution that works best for you.

How do I pay for my physical therapy sessions?

At Juniper Physical Therapy, we believe in transparency for health care expenses.  We will ask you a variety of questions  (prior to the start of your initial evaluation) to better understand your condition and individual needs. This will enable us to best predict your anticipated plan of care.

Juniper Physical Therapy is unique as you will know your anticipated cost day one.  You have the option to save by paying in full upfront or enroll in a monthly payment plan.  You do have the option to also pay per session or with  but it is recommended you invest in your total plan of care from the start.  This will not only give you a cost savings but will enhance your commitment to yourself.

We are an out of network provider and are happy to provide you with a medically-coded receipt (“superbill”) to submit for reimbursement through your insurance company or HSA/FSA.  To make this even easier for you, we have teamed up with a company called Reimbursify who will contact your insurance company for you.

Restoration Program options include:

1.  Accelerated:  5 sessions (including initial evaluation)

2.  Standard:  8 sessions (including initial evaluation)

3.  Complex:  12 sessions (including initial evaluation)

4.  Al A Carte:  1 session at a time

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