“Your mind is not a cage, it is a garden. And it requires cultivating.” – Libba Bray

Juniper Physical Therapy is excited to be creating a new branch of services called “Bhavana”.  At Juniper, we believe in cultivating the full person.  In order to do so, we must consider other facets of healthy living including nutrition and connection with others.  To live life to the fullest, we believe you need a network of people to lean on as well as a team to help you along the way.

Bhavana is the start to a wellness collaborative.  Elizabeth Wergin from Juniper Physical Therapy is formulating a team of holistic wellness providers who are like-minded and passionate about helping active adults live a fulfilling lifestyle while reconnecting and discovering their body’s greatest potential.   

Elizabeth is excited and proud to announce the collaboration with Ashley Holly from Soul Grateful, LLC.  Ashley’s personal mission is to inspire confidence in every woman to nourish her family and thrive with fun, fresh food experiences. 

Ashley is an energetic and creative registered dietician who provides a vast array of services from individualized nutrition plans to a transformational 5 session program called “Nourish”.  She is offering complimentary “Meet, Greet and Eat” sessions to help you determine if her services are a good fit for you. 

You can contact Ashley by clicking HERE.  

Bhavana has plans!  Look forward to exciting workshops and events that light up your active, holistic and youthful self.  We hope to reconnect women with themselves and others in a kind meaningful way.