Our Goal is to Keep You Active For Life

We Help Active Adults who…

Are Motivated to Stay Fit & Healthy

We know that our minds play a giant role in our overall well being.  We understand that to stay fit and healthy for life, it requires dedication and self love.  Our lives are complicated with circumstances that can drastically alter our outlook.  At Juniper PT, we want to help you stay along the path of positive self care by providing encouragement and restoring confidence with your body.  We know that when you feel good physically, your mind feels it too.

Do Not Want to Depend on Drugs or Surgery

At Juniper PT, we strive to offer a different alternative.  We believe that pain is simply a warning sign that is meant to signal further investigation.  During our thorough full body evaluation and subsequent sessions, we focus on discovering the underlying source of your symptoms. Our goal is to help you move better with less pain without depending on drugs or surgery.  Although medication and surgery serve an integral role in the world of healthcare, we believe that our dependency on these interventions has gone too far. We provide a natural, effective and safe alternative with lasting results.

Have a Nagging Pain

We understand how frustrating it can be to stay active when you have a nagging pain.  Perhaps you have noticed that every time you walk over a mile, your heel starts to hurt. Or maybe, whenever you do yard work, your low back tightens up.  You wonder if you should do something about this before it gets worse.  You also wonder if this is just “old age”.  These are signs that your body is not functioning at it’s finest and it needs a bit of a tune up.

Feel Tight and Can’t Move Like They Used To

As we get older, our bodies change and adapt to how we use or don’t use it.  We all have preferred ways to move and develop unique habits based on how we spend our time.  Oftentimes, specific areas become tight from either over use or underuse.  At Juniper, we will analyze your specific movement patterns and restore your areas of tightness so that you can function at your best.

Suffered From an Injury

We are Doctors of Physical Therapy and well prepared to help you at all phases of your injury.  As experts in the field of musculoskeletal conditions, we can be the first medical provider you see to help you determine your optimal plan of care.  We can evaluate your condition and determine if you need speciality services such as an orthopedic surgeon or neurospine specialist. Many times, rehab is all you need. You can get started right away without the wait or the expense.

Your Goals are Important to Us

At Juniper Physical Therapy your health and personal goals are the most important.  We provide one-on-one holistic care focused on getting you back to enjoying the things you love.

We encourage activity for a healthy and fulfilling life and are happy to help you no matter where you are on this journey.  We are attentive to your individual needs and your desire to improve your performance naturally, without medication or surgery.

We understand that the world of medicine can be complicated, confusing and frustrating. We strive to stay on top of the most effective ways to restore your body naturally.  We want to get you moving without expensive tests and unnecessary surgery.  We are also all about prevention and will teach you to self manage and recognize your body’s signals of distress before they become a problem again.

We are movement experts highly skilled in optimizing your musculoskeletal system. We evaluate how your entire body works as a whole and discover the underlying reason you are getting these symptoms.  Best of all, we can provide a treatment plan that enables you to keep going comfortably (despite your age).

Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Wergin and is located in Manitowoc, WI.  Elizabeth is happiest when she feels strong, healthy and active. She has dedicated her life and physical therapy studies to this.  Her mission is to help others feel the same way.



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Dr. Elizabeth Wergin, PT, DPT, CMTPT

Dr. Elizabeth Wergin, PT, DPT, CMTPT

Physical Therapist & Owner


Elizabeth has been passionate about human anatomy and personal fitness as long as she can remember.  She is a Manitowoc native who loves to think outside the box, especially when it comes to learning new things and overall health.

Liz strives take good care of herself, her two teenage daughters and husband.  She enjoys running, strength training, cooking, hydroponic gardening, traveling and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Formal Education

Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy at University of Montana

Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy at Saint Louis University

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science at Saint Louis University

Specialty Certifications

Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist (CMTPT) through Myopain Seminars

Yoga Therapist through Yoga Fit

Clinical Experience

Senior and staff physical therapist at local outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinics for 18 years.





Dr. Stacey Eck, DPT

Dr. Stacey Eck, DPT

Physical Therapist


Stacey grew up in Tomah, WI and moved to Manitowoc in 2005. She is married and has 2 young daughters that keep her very busy. In her free time, she enjoys golf, being active outside, listening to music, cooking and spending time with her family.

Stacey’s goal as a Physical Therapist is to help people have less pain and return to what they love to do in life. Each of us should have the privilege to feel strong and able bodied as we age and Stacey wants to help as many people as she can achieve that goal. Whether you want to sit without pain, golf 18 holes or walk a mile, Stacey can listen to your specific concerns and create a goal-oriented plan to help you get back to living your best life possible.


Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Marquette University in 2006

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Marquette University in 2004


She has worked in outpatient orthopedics for over 13 years and has taken a special interest in foot and ankle rehabilitation and how it affects lower extremity biomechanics. In her previous role, she was a senior level physical therapist, a system level foot and ankle specialist and a long-time mentor of the therapy staff.


She is trained in custom orthotics, multiple soft tissue mobilization techniques, kinesiotaping and dry needling.


Why Juniper?

Juniper Physical Therapy is simply named after a family dog that was named after a tree.  Juniper, the dog, is a healthy and active teenage dog who loves people and  food and warms your heart with her sincere, slightly awkward hugs.  Juniper, the tree, is a unique tree with a twisty trunk that becomes more beautiful as it ages.

Juniper, the dog and tree, is how I strive to be and is what I want for each of you.  I want to help you be comfortably active so you can enjoy your life, be kind and become more beautiful as you grow older.

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