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Reduce Your Pain

The very first thing we focus on is reducing your pain.  Pain not only impacts your daily life, it alters the way you move.  This leads to natural compensations and further aggravates your condition.  We will take you through a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best place to start reducing your symptoms.

Restore Your Body

Upon evaluation and progressive treatment, we will discover the true source or cause of your pain.  We will  develop a customized plan of care to restore mobility, stability, muscular balance and joint health to ensure lasting pain relief and optimal movement.

Make You Resilient

Our goal is always to meet YOUR personal goals for optimal health.  We will work to challenge and progress you so that you can get back to doing the things you love without worry of re-injury.  You can rely on us to help you manage any aches and pains along your active lifetime.

Liz is a passionate, loving and emphathetic professional dedicated to healthy living and healing.

I trust her to always be gentle, to never hurt me, and if there is (inevitably) pain, what’s normal and what isn’t and how to deal with it.

I am a long distance runner and a mom. Every time I see her, I have her look at something on my body that is aching and she is spot on with exercises and advice.  I have benefited from her massage and dry needling.

Elizabeth is genuinely interested in helping others to help themselves in restoring wellness in all areas of their lives.

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Sometimes it is just simply better to hold a real book in your hands.  If you’d like a hard copy, request yours by sending an email with your name, address and phone number to elizabeth@juniperpt.com or give us a call at (920) 320.9838.  We’d be happy to mail one to you…while supplies last.

If you keep moving with pain, what is this going to cost you?

Can we help by listening to your story and giving you advice?

Not sure how we can help?  Have questions you would like answered first?  Elizabeth  would be happy to talk to you first so she can be 100% sure that she can help you.  Fill out this quick form to schedule your complimentary phone consult.

Want more information about availability & cost before booking an appointment?  Fill out this quick form and we’ll be happy to talk to you and determine whether we’re the best place for you (or not).

Unsure about physical therapy and what it could do for your problem?  You’re not alone.  Fill out this quick form and we’ll set up a time to chat in person…for free:)

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